Happy New Year, New You, New Opportunities!

Fun Fact: Most New Year's resolutions are broken by February! Did you know that? Here are 10 New Year's Resolutions that you can apply to your work/career, that are easy to keep up with well beyond February: 1. Strive to Learn Something New Everyday 2. Do 3 Things to Stay Healthier at Work 3. Update Your Resume 4. Learn a New Skill 5. Add 5 New People a Month to Your Professional Network 6. Audit and Improve Your LinkedIn Profile 7. Find a Mentor and/or a Coach 8. Keep Track

Does Your Confidence Need a Boost

Lack of confidence is often a “silent killer” with a BIG voice! Lacking confidence kills: 💥Your Dreams 💥Your Goals 💥Your Opportunities 💥Your View of Yourself In fact, if you’re not careful, your lack of confidence will cause you to ignore all kinds of signs and red flags 🚩, and ultimately doubt who you are the value that you bring to anything that you are involved in. So what’s the “fix”?🤔 It all begins with shifting your mindset!🤯 🤔Is the lack of confidence, speaking

Job Search Got You Stressed Out?

Some people seem to find new jobs easily. They get interviews and in many cases multiple offers. Why is that? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Are they smarter. No. luckier. Nope. In most cases, the answer is they have learned and applied these 👇🏾 practical steps to ensure their job search is not only a success, but also stress free! 😤Have you been applying to jobs, but not hearing anything back? 😤Or only getting interviews for not-quite-dream jobs? 🤔Would you like to learn how to be confident i

What's Your Story

It's #transitiontuesday, today I wanted to share a bit of my transition story with you. When I started my career in #HR, I was a single mom, ambitious, driven, (you know all of those buzz words) and I really just wanted to be given a chance to prove myself. I wanted a chance to be able grow my career, not necessarily for me but more so for my son. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, there were a lot of bumps and bruises along my learning curve, in fact, and at one point, I even