Meet Kisha Hicks

Kisha is a career coach and veteran HR executive who partners with HR professionals to guide them in their careers by assisting, equipping and strengthening them to discover their potential; taking them from stuck and stalled to new and exciting heights in their careers.

Kisha loves working with people who have a deep appreciation for growth and know that it takes a willingness to be challenged. Together, with her clients, she drives towards the ideal vision knowing that imperfection is a guarantee, but not a limit.

Kisha has often said that "every time I begin working with a new client, I feel honored and blessed to be part of the journey." Kisha brings in-depth growth leadership experience to every professional coaching experience.  She understands the importance of  listening and discovering, but also know that those things mean nothing unless you have the right motivation and meaningful plan of action that you can commit to execute.

Career Highlights:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate degree in Business Administration

  • Certified Civil Mediator in the state of TN

  • Certified professional in Human Resources

  • Taught graduate and undergraduate business and leadership courses

  • Diversity & Inclusion professional and have been featured in publications and on various panels discussing creating diverse and equitable workplaces

  • 15+ years of HR senior leadership experience