Coffee Anyone?

How many virtual coffee chats have you had this week? Virtual coffee chats are perfect for networking.

In the time that you are sipping your favorite coffee blend, you can casually get to know someone, what they do or what the organization that they are affiliated with does. You can even get first hand info about what it’s like being his/her role or even that organization. Oh and you get to talk about you!

If you are new to coffee chats or networking in general, coffee chats can be a little scary. Here are some things that you can do to make it go a little easier:

☕️Take Initiative-step out and ask for the coffee chat, don’t wait for someone to ask you! Lots of us would love to pay it forward and have coffee with someone new in our industry.

☕️Don’t Take it Personal- If someone says that they can’t have coffee with you or that they don’t have time, don’t take it personal. Many people are doing more with less and their schedules may not permit it. Don’t let that stop you though, ask someone else.

☕️Be Prepared-Have some questions and/or talking points. Often, you won’t need them because the conversation will flow, but just in case it doesn’t, you’ll be ready.




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