Congratulations, You Got the Job: How to Negotiate Your Salary

For many of us, getting through the application and the interview process is stressful enough, but what happens if you actually get the job???? That's a GREAT thing, but now you have to negotiate your salary. How much do you ask for? How much is too much? If you ask for a certain amount, will it throw you out of the running? These are just some of the questions that may run through your mind. Here are a few tips that I share with my clients:

1. Research Your value

Do some market research. Super simple to do. You will need to look at other organizations of similar size within your general area that have a position with a similar title as the one that you have applied. Pay special attention to things like; the number of years of experience required, the education requirement, the certification requirements, management/supervisory responsibility. etc.

2. If Possible Don't Be the First One to Offer Up a Number

Ask the organization to provide you with the applicable salary range for the position before you give them any indication of the salary that you are wanting. By doing this you will be able to compare that range with the market research that you did in step #1.

3.Prepare Your Counteroffer

It's unfortunate that approximated 50% of all job seekers accept the first offer that they are presented. So many miss out on additional money not just at the time of the offer, but later on down the road when bonuses are calculated (they are often based on your base pay). I encourage my clients to be reasonable and not ask for a unicorn!

4.Negotiate Other Items

I tell my clients all the time, money isn't everything when it comes to a position. Make sure that you negotiate the other items such as; time off, flexible work hours/locations, bonuses, etc.

5.Be Direct with Your Ask

Men are much more comfortable with this then women. But that's ok! Instead of trying to justify why you need more, just SAY IT...literally say "I Need xyz" and be slow to take "NO" for answer. Don't get frantic, rattled or anxious, stand firm and truly believe that the organization is lucky to get you.


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