Don't Let Fear Be a Factor

"Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears."-Les Brown

Fear is real!

Fear has a way of sometimes sneaking up on us and attacking us when we least expect it. Fear can be the thing that keeps you from making that call, doing that thing, or even being that person that you are called to be. Unfortunately, in some instances, we can't "just get over" our fears. I believe that the reason is because they have roots so far deep inside us, that in order to destroy the fear, we have to do the work. For some, they would rather "cut and run" instead of doing the work. For others, they roll up their sleeves and dig right on in. Bottom line is, fear is a mindset, it manifests as an emotion, but it really comes from a thought. So today, if you are fearful or anxious, I admonish you to check your thoughts, I guarantee, that the fear or the anxiety that you have is something created in your mind. The only way that you can destroy fear and not let it be a factor is to make up your mind to change your mind. Here's to moving forward and not letting fear be a factor.

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