Gaps Happen!

It’s not uncommon for a candidate to have gaps in their work history, especially now. However, pre-Covid, those gaps could have been because the candidate took some time to go back to school, take care of a loved one, or simply experienced job loss for several months. Hiring managers may ask a candidate to explain those gaps, the reasons are varied as to why. Sometimes, it could be because the hiring manager is just curious or sometimes the hiring manager is just good old skeptical of the candidate.

No matter the case, here are a few tips to help you to prepare yourself for this question during an interview:

💫 Be Honest and Straightforward- It is what is, ALWAYS be honest and transparent with the employer about why you took the break.

💫Remain Calm-This is not the easiest question to ask or to answer, so don’t take it personal.

💫Fill in the Gap-Talk about what you have been doing to keep up your professional development, what organizations you have been involved with, what courses/workshops you have taken, etc.

I’m personally not a huge fan of this question, but the worst thing that a candidate can do is have no explanation at all!

Comment below if you need help with crafting a response to this question?



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