Run to Win!

If I said this once, I said it 1,000 times, Searching for the right Job is a job itself! For many it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Like all good runners, you must train so that you can RUN TO WIN!

Winning is the GOAL right? Here are 3 things to include in your Job Search to help you run your race a little easier and win the job that you want:

1. Confidence-Trusting your own abilities, skills and expertise is super important. Know yourself, be proud of yourself and trust yourself! This will help you to identify the right opportunity and will show up during your interview process.

2. Purpose-This is your "why"! Be clear on what you want and what is driving you. This will help you to be intentional during your job search and your career moving forward.

3.Plan-Make sure that you have a method in place for how you are going to search for opportunities, the resources that you need and how you are going to track your progress.

Run like someone with a goal! Search like someone with a goal!

If you need someone to run alongside you to help you to reach your goal, let's chat! Use this link to schedule a virtual coffee chat:


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