Will there be a Summer Slowdown this Year?

Typically, July marks the beginning of a slowdown in the hiring process. Many job seekers, find that their chances of getting jobs during the summer months is significantly less. Most of the time this is due to members of the hiring team being on vacation. But will that be the case this year?

What are the odds that majority of human resources professionals, hiring managers and others involved with the hiring process will take extended—or any—vacations this summer?

With the spikes in COVID-19, forget how it used to be done! Now is not the time to stop your job search! Yes, 47 million people are on unemployment, yes there maybe competition, but the trick is, you have to lean in and be resilient!

What goals/strategy have you set when it comes to job search during this time?

What assertive actions are you taking with your job search?

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