What our Clients Say


TaShunda F. says..."Nakisha is a joyful and "keep it real" coach to work with. As she helped me take steps forward in my career that landed me right where I wanted to be. Her approach was smart, practical and results-driven. She is funny, sharp, and she exudes professional wisdom, which makes for a positive and lively coaching experience. I highly recommend her as a coach who will lead you to your desired results."

Candace E. says... "I was introduced to Nakisha via a mutual friend as we are both working through career transitions. After the free consultation, I knew without a doubt that I needed her services. Throughout my career, it has been difficult for me to find mentorship and advice from other black women who have advanced in their careers. Having access to Nakisha's experience and knowledge is invaluable. She reaffirmed beliefs that I worked long and hard to build within myself. She was able to speak to the areas of doubt in my job search process, providing solutions, and positively building up my character. The affirmations she provided were not new to me. They were, however, the encouragement and reminder I needed in this season of life. I knew that I was not wrong in my career search efforts nor am I alone in breaking glass ceilings as a black woman. I will continue using Nakisha as I grow to make sure I am ready to address all the areas in my career where I will need full information to compete and even the playing field." 

Yolanda J. says..."I recommend any and everyone to join The ElevateHer who is seeking to build a professional resume to advance in your career or to seek opportunities in growing your business or building your own brand. Whatever you are looking for in career improvements, leadership growth, wealth building, Kisha is the woman you need to connect with. Kisha is humble, caring, selfless, very thoughtful and genuine. Her heart and passion is for women and when you find a person with a heart like Kisha's you become stuck for life!"

Kenya D. Says..."My company was acquired in late-2019 and I found myself frustrated because I had not taken the steps I needed to advance my career. Out of desperation and fear of making sure that I was marketable in case my position was eliminated, I buckled down and began studying for the SHRM-CP. I passed and then realized, almost immediately that I was capable of more than just the day-to-day general HR duties. I wanted more out of my career.

Well, Nakisha came into my life at the perfect time. Actually, she found me because I had no idea on where to start with advancing my career, once becoming certified. All I knew was that I wanted more.  She gets to the "why?" and she has a way of doing so that helps me understand "why" I am doing (or not doing) specific things that I know that I should or should not be doing.

Nakisha has helped me identify strengths that I didn't realize I possessed, as well as areas of improvement along with traits that I can strengthen.

Ashley W. says..."I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Nakisha as my personal HR coach/mentor. She took the time to help and address any problems I had while navigating my career. She was very knowledgeable and helpful the entire time! I truly gained a forever mentor/friend! I highly recommend Mrs. Nakisha to anyone that is looking for any advice to help jump start there career."

Lachanda K. says..."My main roadblock was sifting through job searches/descriptions to decipher what particular position is best for me. With The ElevateHer services, I have been able to strategically search for better roles in alignment with my current skill sets/skill level. It's been so amazing interacting with Nakisha! She's not only been helpful with her services, but also a great source of motivation. I've dealt with a lot of career coaching services, and she is by far one of the best! I can tell that she actually cares for her clients!"

Alexandria P. says... "In just the little time that I have known Nakisha, her dedication to helping me has been tremendous. Her knowledge and experience have been so beneficial to my search for employment. She has helped me gain so much confidence in myself as a professional, as she has been able to easily identify skills within me that I have been overlooking for many years. I am now able to speak to my experience of the Human Resources field with much more self-assurance, no longer selling myself short to employers. I am extremely grateful for her services."

Quanique C. says..."Kisha is very dedicated and understanding in the career goals of her network and clients! I would recommend Kisha for career coaching, mentoring, and casual conversation on HR topics as well as any dreams you aspire to achieve. She has helped me personally in removing mental barriers that have prevented me in believing my true worth regarding my career journey in HR. Reach out to Kisha for sure!!"

Shay H. says..."Nakisha is amazing! She really went over my skills and helped me to determine what I needed to be focused on to land my next role. We were able to cover so much and she gave wonderful advice! I would recommend her services to anyone!"

Art R. says..."Kisha is an innovative thinker and transformative HR leader. She helped me identify ways to improve my LinkedIn, resume, and job hunting strategies. She works with her clients to look at different roles and determine if they are a right match. She is very straightforward, and I appreciate that about her. She will assist you with your needs."

Kiante T. says..."Nakisha is a wonderful career coach. She is extremely knowledgeable in HR and help me see how my experience relates in a new career path. Her approach is honest and friendly. I truly value having her in my network."